Which can help you to fulfil your legal obligations concerning occupational safety and health (OSH), coordination of occupational safety and health when preparing
or building constructions (OSH coordinator), fire protection (FP) and ecology.

– We can provide you with services of a person qualified in the field of risk prevention (health and safety practitioner), OSH coordinator, a person qualified in
the field of fire protection, ecology specialists.
– We can help you to implement OSH management, e.g. according to OHSAS, or integrate OSH into integrated management system (IMS).
– We want you to be satisfied with our services, as your satisfaction is the best advertisement for us.
– Providing individual care and services is our basic philosophy when dealing with every client.
– We appreciate your co-operation and our goal is to be the best partners to you.
– We take into account the requirements and specificities of you enterprise.
– We can mediate services of other specialists if necessary.